Suzette Vearnon

Relationship Solutionist

About the Speaker

Suzette is a life coach and relationship solutionist who helps high achieving women get more from their romantic relationships. Her own arduous pathway to love required a new approach. No longer could she afford to “fall in love” – it was leaving her all banged up – but she wasn’t sure what to do. It wasn’t until her late 40’s that a significant piece of the puzzle was revealed. She decided that sink or swim, she was going to date authentically. That’s when things began to change.

As she moved in the direction of authenticity, she found it to be the path out there for all her adult life. Her MusicMath® Approach to Dating and Relating is the culmination of that journey and her methodology, a roadmap that others can follow.

Suzette found love at 50 and is now happily married to her husband Robert. Her life’s work is to help other women over 40 find their authentic path to great love!

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