Katrina Franchina

Working Hard For Your Dreams + Walking In Your Purpose

About the Speaker

For Katrina Franchina, life hasn’t always been butterflies and rainbows. Faced with being a single mom very early in her daughter’s life, she found herself alone and across the country from her family. In that moment, she made a decision that required strength, grit and persistence, and with only $500 to her name, she made her way back home to familiar surroundings and started a business. A business, nonetheless, that required a lot of research and self-teaching to make authentic orgonite pieces that were efficient and high quality. She would care for her daughter during the day and work her business after bedtime, sometimes only averaging a couple of hours of sleep per night.

By the time her daughter was school age, her orgonite business had not only supported them through the early years but blossomed into something amazing. Today, her Orgonite is in 17 different countries with thousands of customers world wide, which has provided a very comfortable lifestyle for her and her daughter. Recently, she was able to purchase their first home complete with acreage and an enchanting backyard with an array of plants and fruit trees that they tend to as well. She is looking forward to creating a curriculum and classes in the future to help other entrepreneurs learn how to start a successful orgonite business.

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