Ashley Alexander

Creating An Intentional Life

About the Speaker

Ashley Alexander is a loving and powerful visionary and a transformational leadership coach who is committed to turning dreams into reality for herself and everyone she interacts with.

With a lifetime of experience as a computer nerd and a passion for business strategy, she leads a team of virtual assistants at her company, Effervescent Efficiency. She and her team support business leaders in tech, design, management, and strategy, empowering entrepreneurs to offload those tasks so that they can function fully in their zone of genius. She is also passionate about utilizing existing content in an innovative way to drive traffic, increase leads, and amplify sales. Intentionality is at the forefront of business and life for Ashley, and she prioritizes¬† each person’s vision, mission, values and goals in the work she does.

Ashley is a mother to two amazing daughters, and this powerhouse family is traveling the US while creating their dream life of love, joy and adventure every day. Her soul passion is to empower girls and women to lead their best life through her platform, Fempowered, which is built on the foundation of empowerment, resiliency, and intentionality.

She is on fire, and wants to channel that fire and magic into people’s businesses!

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